About Us

Discover our story, our dedication to quality, and the craftsmanship behind our products.


Our Mission

With years of expertise in the leather industry, we’ve realized that our locally crafted Egyptian natural leather products rival the quality of imported synthetic counterparts. Our mission is to bring global recognition to our superior Egyptian craftsmanship. Through our brand ‘Aslaal’, we aim to showcase the unmatched quality and heritage of our natural leathers, supported by your trust.


Hi! I’m Bassem el qasaby.

I’ve always believed in the power of craftsmanship and the beauty of creating something with my own hands. Leaving behind the corporate world, I embarked on a journey to master the art of leathercraft, driven by my passion for authenticity and quality.
Through ‘Aslaal’, I aim to redefine the standards of leather goods, infusing traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. My vision is to share the rich heritage of Egyptian craftsmanship with the world, one meticulously crafted product at a time.
With dedication, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, I strive to leave a lasting legacy in the realm of leathercraft, and to inspire others to pursue their dreams fearlessly.


Why Aslaal ?

“Aslaal” is the plural form of the word “Sill”, which is the term the early Arabs used to refer to what we now know as the cobra snake. Our choice of this name is to hold onto our rich Arab heritage, aiming to revive it by referencing it with an Arabic word to the snake, whose skin is known to be the finest, most beautiful, and highest quality.